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Logo Idea
Phil and Georgia had specific ideas for their logo. They wanted it to incorporate both fish and photography imagery. Initially, they wanted to use a seahorse image. We suggested that since they would be photographing many varieties of sea life, it would be a stronger approach to use a generic fish. They agreed.

Primary Color Palette
They wanted to incorporate blues and greens that suggested the sea and tropical geography.

They wanted to utilize the typeface from their website: Pathway Gothic One





Logo Mark
We designed an integrated generic fish and camera lens graphic in a contemporary style that would compliment their chosen typeface, Pathway Gothic One.





Primary Color Palette
Based on Phil and Georgia’s input, we created a palette of contrasting blues and a complimentary green.




We set the company name in Pathway Gothic One using Pantone 7489, the third color in the palette.




End Result
Phil and Georgia were thrilled with the logo, but decided to go with a two-color palette. Since the cards were printed CMYK offset, it wasn’t a cost issue, but rather a personal preference. This project illustrates the importance we place on collaboration with our clients. By listening carefully, respecting a client’s vision, and making thoughtful recommendations, we were able to send them happily on their adventure with a strong, engaging and professional look, as well as business cards that also served as a mini photography portfolio.







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