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Logo Mark
Playing on the original logo, the tree has been reimagined as more of a human entity. There is a defined joyfulness and energy. The circles of dots represent leaves, as well as the idea that we are all surrounded by–and are constantly juggling–distractions, challenges, struggles, etc. But with the help of life coaching, we have the capacity to thrive amid ever-shifting priorities and chaos.





Primary Color Palette
The color palette is based on the original logo, with an added (lighter) green to provide depth.




Secondary Color Palette
Secondary colors were introduced for both text (dark gray) and further graphical interest and diversity.




The typeface Platelet was selected to convey warmth, openness and friendliness, with a professional yet hip vibe.





Logo Variations
It is sometimes necessary–and always a good idea–to create at least two logo versions with both horizontal and vertical footprints. This provides the flexibility for any type of size requirement, particularly with advertising, promotional items and signage.




Graphic Accents
Graphic accents that compliment the logo can be useful when creating marketing materials. It’s important to note that adding graphic elements can either support or undermine the growth of a new and delicate brand, and should be created and used judiciously.






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