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The typical san serif ‘S’ is an interesting shape, in that it is almost symmetrical without being linear. Its fluidity is controlled. This can be seen by adding parallel lines. On the far left, the lines encompass the ‘S’ almost perfectly. Change the font to an italic, and it tells a differenty story.



Shape of Logo ‘S’

The shapes are not constrained to within the parallel lines. Therefore, these shapes represent an italic font. Left on its own, without any support from a name or other clue, the ‘S’ is not as obvious.



With a slight rotation and small adjustments, the shapes are now balanced between the parallel lines. The shapes now form a san serif ‘S’ and it becomes more evident without any support or clues.





It might seem obvious to incorporate the legal name of the company into the logo. But a logo is not the place for legal formality. A logo is like a visual greeting or handshake, and is typically the first line of marketing communication with clients and prospects. With name recognition and a 30+ year history, Sloan has a solid reputation. Even with—and particularly for—the goal of expansion both domestically and abroad, it is important to represent with authority. In other words, the time had come for the name Sloan to take center stage.





Logo Mark
The logo mark has been simplified to one ‘S’, and a sleek dimension has been added to pay homage to the original logo bevels.





Color Palette
Before: A green and gold combination can be quite dramatic. We see it often in sports and education, in particular with teams and mascots, as show below:

And, to be fair, the two colors are appropriate for a food industry company, encompassing the colors found in produce, for example. But it’s not necessarily a sophisticated combination.





After: It is not always necessary for a logo to reflect a company’s interior design, particularly if the business doesn’t rely on or host visitors. But with a newly built, state-of-the-art kitchen and conference area driving the project, we felt it was an appropriate strategy. The new palette of cranberry, indigo blue (or blueberry), and gray is cool and sophisticated. It feels fresh, clean and new. It has authority, is cool but not cold.




A simple san serif typeface, Avenir has traditional letterforms that convey strength and stability.



A Typically your first line of communication, (in conjunction with the logo) a succinct positioning statement tells prospects what you do.




The Logo
The relationship of the three elements to each other is carefully considered, with regard to color use, size and spacing. Cranberry and blueberry are used in relatively equal measure to balance each other, with gray as a secondary/supporting color.





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